Welcome To The Play House For Art Lovers

We welcome you to the art gallery with a collection of the best paintings from the local and international artists. Experience the journey of art with the artists themselves.

A Mirror Of The Past

Join us on a journey through the making of an art piece. Meet the artists as they take you through their experiences of completing their work.

Educational path

Find the best art school representatives at the exhibitions to learn about scholarship programs.

3D Space & Cinema

Experience an interactive 3D experience with your family and friends during your trip to the gallery.

Monographic room

Join the writing exhibition of famous writers and artists to learn more about their projects.

Get Ready To Explore Some Remarkable Things

We hope that you enjoy your time at our art gallery and experience the amazing exclusive art exhibitions by famous local and international artists every fortnight.

It has been a pleasure to talk with the artists and learn about their work straight from themselves.

Chris H Davis

I wanted to attend the art exhibitions happening here from a long time, and I was not disappointed rather thrilled to attend new artists’ recent exhibits.

Paul A Grubbs


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A place where exploration meets curiosity

Uniquely planned gallery interiors to take you on an amazing journey from the fresh art pieces to the grand artworks.

Explore the classics from your famous artists and attend the exhibition in style in a celebrative art gallery.

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