The Museum


Images viewed in three dimensions

3D Images

Immagini 3D

Multimedia images

Audio-video contents

Contenuti video-audio

Alternating images on HD screens

Images series

Serie di immagini

A special room for photo print displays

Photographs prints

Stampe fotografiche

“Touching images.” Numerous interactive workstations are present in the museum



Archive and other consultation workstations to access freely




Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery hosts photography exhibitions and image collections, on traditional supports, thanks to analogue and digital techniques.



The AIM Educational Tour aims to fill the gap between the visitor and his understanding of various aspects of digital images, by narrating the history and techniques through multimedia contents, interactive or immersive workstations, and technical tutorials.


Alinari Archive

The heart of the museum, the workstations for consulting the Alinari Archive images, which allow users to access a database of 50,000 high-res images that can be searched through 60 semiological classifications and 8,000 key words in Italian and English, selected for AIM from the immense possessions of Fratelli Alinari.


3D space & cinema

AIM also engages the third dimension: the 3d Space aims to allow users to understand the origins and frontiers of 3D images, from stereoscopics to polarization screening.


Monograph Room

The Monograph Room is a digital exhibition, managed by innovative software, where photographs are displayed on high-res screens and can be enjoyed through projections and interactive workstations, for a full immersion in the digital image world.

Section Header Alinari


The core of the AIM is the Fratelli Alinari archive that hosts an impressive portrait and documentary patrimony on the art, history, folklore, landscape, industry, and society of Italy, Europe, and the rest of the world, from the second half of the 1800s to today.

About Alinari
  • 50,000 high-res images
  • 60 semiological classifications
  • 8,000 key words